Trust the Gene Genie

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Two posts in one day, I know this foreshadows something cosmic. But then maybe not, since I'm the only one who reads this. Anyway, I just read that the Jayhawks have decided to call is quits. It's been 20 years so I guess its understandable. But man, what a great band. It kind of makes me sad. So go check out "Rainy Day Music" or "Smile" or "Hollywood Town Hall" and think to better days.
I'm wondering why America has to be a superpower. Or why we can't let other countries become superpowers. I really think that's what the EU is trying to do, become a superpower. But I don't think there are many around here who are excited about it. So I'm wondering, is it really all about the power? Why can't we be a more normal global power like Britain. Why does it have to be super? It sure seems like it would be cheaper. And maybe safer.

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