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Monday, February 04, 2008

Barry and Billary

I figure a little political posting on the eve of the presidential primaries isn't a bad thing. Especially when it involves Claire and a seemingly skeevy-looking Hillary Clinton.

(It's been a while since I've blogged, apparently, so let me bring you up to speed. Claire is my second-grader. She goes to second grade every day.)

So I was driving Claire to school this morning and she was talking about her class. All last week they've been talking about all the different presidential candidates and the process we go through electing them. Late last week she told me that there was a woman running to be the first woman president and a black man running to be the first black president. I told her there was also a Mormon running to be the first Mormon president. She thought that was pretty cool. She then told me she still wanted to vote for Obama. I told her that was a pretty good pick.

Well this morning in the car she brought it up again. Only this time she talked about seeing pictures of the candidates. She said she and her group had seen the picture of the woman and decided they didn't like her because she looked like she robbed banks.

"I think her name is Hillary," she said.

"Yeah, she looks pretty shifty," I said. "Did you see a picture of Obama?" I then asked.

"Yeah, and our group decided he looked nice. I still want to vote for him."

She wanted to know who Mommy and I were going to vote. So I told her it was a closed primary for the Republicans and so Mom would probably vote for Romney. The Democratic primary is open to independents and I was going to vote for Obama. She seemed genuinely pleased by that.

The lesson to be learned here of course is to not vote for Hillary because she looks like she robs banks.

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