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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Some friends and I have been talking about music taste and realized much of it came from within our group while were in high school. What didn't rub off from friends was forced on us by older siblings. It's been fun to look at why I listen to what I listen to.

Pre-Joshua Tree U2 -- My bother Dan (I argued most of my junior year that I only liked early U2 -- oh how foolish I was.)

Post-Joshua Tree U2 -- Ben, Norm, Jentz and that Zoo TV tour video OJ lent me.

The Samples -- Rob Gillespie

John Denver -- Greg

Billy Joel -- Dan

Midnight Oil -- Cody-I also break out "'74-'75" every so often. I'm sure that came from one your incredible mix tapes, Cody.

Sting -- My sister Janelle

Wilco and/or Uncle Tupelo -- Dave Anderson

The trifecta of the Who, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd -- all came from Dan.

Never took Michael Jackson seriously until I started hanging out at OJ's house. I still regularly break out "Billy Jean" in the shower.

REM -- Pete and I'm sure everyone else that listened to them.

Neil Young -- Jentz - at least, I remember listening to "Harvest" at his house and getting hooked.

I also owe Tom for lending me his audio tape recording of the film "Rattle and Hum." For the longest time after that "Bad" was my favorite U2 song.

Jeff Buckley -- John Lameroux. He also got me to check out Supergrass, Gomez and the Afghan Whigs.

Push Stars -- Danny Anderson.

And then there's the stuff I started listending to because of U2: Johnny Cash, John Coltrane, B.B. King, the Corrs, the Sterophonics, P.J. Harvey and the like. So there it is. Good times.

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Urpy said...

Dude, what about all the wonders I introduced you to: Video Killed the Radio Star--nuf said. Seriously, would you have known "Fat Bottom Girls" if I hadn't had a Queen passion?

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