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Monday, June 05, 2006

Goodbye Linus

Well, it looks like little Linus will have to wait. Becky and the girls and I just got back from the doctor's and it appears we're having ...

A GIRL. But it's not a done deal yet. Apparently there was an umbilical cord and some legs and other things obstructing the view. The doc said, probably a girl but not 100 percent, and she'll tell us for sure next month. We're not sweating it. We're used to having girls -- it's like it's become our family identity. Claire on the other hand isn't so sure. last night she told us a boy would be great, but that she was okay with whatever Heavenly Father sent us. "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit," she said.

Well that went right out the window when the doctor told us it was probably a girl. "But I didn't want a girl," she said. It was great. Anyway, the problem now, of course, is coming up with a name. Maybe we'll let the girls choose. Claire would name her Diamond Sparkle and Leigh would probably name her Purple. Hmmmm. Purple. I kind of like that.


Urpy said...

I asked the girls what we should name the new sister. Claire glared and me and said, "Nothing." Leigh wants to name her "Emma." My good friend that we spend most of our time with just had a baby girl named Emma. Leigh loves playing with this baby. I guess Leigh has finally moved on from "Purple."

Scott's Blog said...

"Purple". I like that. Can we steal that from you if we have a girl? Or is it a boys name? Or is it like Pat or Kelly?

To quote Homer Simpson:

Homer: "Do you want a doughnut?"

Lisa: "Do you have any fruit?"

Homer: "This doughnut has purple in it. Purple is a fruit."

Steph said...

I like Diamond Sparkle. It fits with your personalities. :)

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