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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Perfect Pop Songs Vol. 2

So that it's all in one place, here's the final line-up:

1. "Saving Grace" -- Tom Petty
2. "Sister Jack" -- Spoon
3. "The Late Greats" -- Wilco
4. "Back to the Party" -- The Pushstars
5. "Til Kingdom Come" -- Coldplay
6. "Disappear" -- INXS
7. "Collarbone" -- Fujiya & Miyagi
8. "Talk Amongst Yourselves" -- Grand National
9. "Black Magic" -- Jarvis
10. "Feel Us Shaking" -- The Samples
11. "No Ha Parado de Llover" -- Mana
12. "Satellite" -- Guster
13. "Waiting, Watching, Wishing" -- The Pushstars
14. "The Way We Get By" -- Spoon
15. Bonus Track

Yes, we got our four winners yesterday, but until anonymous sister gives her name, there's still room for one more person to get a CD. H.L., that means you better get moving because I'm calling on all you lurkers to drop a note -- it's free music, what have you got to lose? Anyway, to our three winners already out there, I'll be sending out your discs shortly.


ThomG said...

Nothing beats free music. Thanks for the disc. Travel with me to Klub Klondike for the Dyar show, and we'll spin it.

d said...

Nothing does beat free music...unless of course its regae (sp?) then its just a waste of finite materials here on this earth. Honestly, can't wait Rob!!

J-Bell said...

Anonymous sis is J-Bell. I couldn't get my computer to respond at the time to any other username. You can read into that what you will.

HL Rogers said...

I don't think J-bell's comment to this post will count for getting the cd. As I read the judge's ruling, the anonymous poster had to respond to the original post. The rule has always been that to get the cd you must respond to the post that requests the action. I urge the judge to rule against J-bell due in part to her flagrant disregard of the rules.

d said...

So what's the ruling Rob? Who gets the fourth cd?

TheRobRogers said...

H.L.'s out and Janelle's in.

But if H.L. dreams and wishes and hopes and longs and believes enough, he might find something in the mail.

HL Rogers said...

I find this ruling arbitrary and capricious in the extreme. However, if something appears in the mail . . .

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