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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pure gold

It's time for another visit to Show and Tell Music. (Past trips can be found here, here and here.) These fine gentlemen you see here are the Royals and this is their album "Music." It's possibly one of the finest do-it-yourself album covers I've ever seen. To quote SaTM, "I could stare at this image for hours." And really, you can. It's surprisingly and completely captivating. So let's do another.

He's Father Robert White and he's the "Reverend in Rhythm." Dig him, baby! I like to imagine that he's a smooth, lounge jazz act that just melts the doors off the chapel. Let's do one more. Question: Who's nature's secret?

Answer: Michael Cassidy, that's who. Sitting in the forest glenn, dressed like Friar Tuck and holding a rabbit. No one's putting stuff out like this anymore. And it's a shame.


ThomG said...

The Royals, I believe, played at my senior prom. And what's with the white rabbit? I think ol' Friar Tuck is smoking with the good Father. I like it when eyou post, brother.

Diana said...

How on earth did you find those? It makes me feel like the 60's and 70's are worth revisiting. My question; is the music half as captivating as the covers?
thomg that would be so cool if the Royals came to your Prom. That means your Prom could definitely beat up my prom!

Candi said...

The Royals come within a mile of perfection on their cover, they really do. I can't speak to the 60's, but yes Diana, the 70's are so worth revisiting. One example, making Kleenex box covers at homemaking with Mom when I was about six. They had big barbie faces and hot pink troll hair, which we styled. Nothing remotely like that happens now. It's really a shame.

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