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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Reading, my friends, is power.

Becky was at the park a couple days ago with a friend. They both had their kids with them, which meant Claire was with her two pals, Jason and Tyler. They were playing in a tube slide on the playground equipment, crawling up inside, laughing and talking.

Now, keep in mind the three of them are seven-year-olds, in second grade. They all read really well, but because they've only been reading for a couple years and, at that, reading proficiently really for only a year, their language skills are still, well, pretty elementary.

The tube slide itself acts like a mega phone, so even though they were just laughing and talking among themselves, the moms sitting at a bench across the playground could comfortably hear them. Listening in, Becky's friend hears the boys begin to curse like sailors. Shocking, given that none of the parents swear. It quickly dawns on her that the three kids are reading graffitti etched into the tube.

She kind of chuckles, given the absurdity of the situation. And then she hears her son say, "Ha ha, this one says 'Joe is a mother father.'"

And then she hears Claire laugh and say, "And they spelled 'father' wrong." All three of them laughed at that.

And we laughed, too. Really hard. Spelled 'father' wrong indeed.

You want another laugh? Becky's sister Steph has great little tale over at her blog, complete with visual aids. Check it out.


Stephanie B said...

oh, the innocence of youth

Scott's Blog said...

Rob, print that story in your newspaper.

I just saw "Dan in Real Life" a couple of weeks ago and your "Everyone Poops" joke got a little funnier.

I'm getting slower on my pop culture references.

Diana said...

love those stories. Dutch is constantly surprising us with his new words and word-smithing. The other day he kept repeating sh** over and over again. No, spencer and I don't swear, he came up with that all on his own. We was peeing our pants we were laughing so hard.

Jaylynn said...

I was there, it was hilarious.

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