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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mmmm, chocolate pecan pie

Yesterday was the big day. I turned 33. It's not old, but it's older. I reckon hitting the back side of 35 will be tough. But I've got a few years before I have to worry about that.

But back to yesterday, it was a good birthday. Becky knows how to make a boy feel special. Not only did she wake up at the butt crack of dawn (as we used to say in junior high) to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, she got me the Wilco t-shirt I've been dying to own for a year. It's ugly and kind of obnoxious and just plain perfect for me. She also made chocolate pecan pie. I've never been a fan of cake and I realized a few years ago I don't have to have cake on my birthday, I can have whatever I want. Which, usually, is chocolate pecan pie. Not only is it a good dessert, it's a good breakfast.

So that was my day. Tomorrow, we'll talk more cover songs and maybe recap my summer predictions. Or maybe not. They were pretty far off this year.


Bikini Lawyer said...

Happy Birthday!! 33 -- whatever. You're 29 and that's as old as we'll ever get for the rest of our lives.

Stephanie B said...

I love chocolate pecan pie as well. I love your mom's recipes.

Nik said...

You old old man. Time to start with the Maroon 5 and Shania Twain and give up your hipster Wilco, you know.

Uncle E said...

I think Nik is right on the money, boyo. You are in editorial, after all (apologies to Nik!).
Have awonderful birthday weekend Rob.

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