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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Did someone say "blog"?

Let's ease back into this. It's New Year's and that means lists. So here are a few of mine. This way we'll keep the actual writing to a minimum, which is for the best, really.

Top Ten Reasons I Haven't Blogged Since Sept. 27

10. Just too broken up over Paul Newman's death to know how to face the world again.
9. Had my fingers caught in the cookie jar.
8. Was too busy with my divorce in Second Life.
7. Been out raising hell with Robert Bork.
6. Just finished a three-month "According to Jim" marathon. That Jim Belushi is so crazy!
5. Got lost in the Enchanted Forest.
4. Three-month egg nog bender.
3. Took a break from these new-fangled "Web logs" and spent time in the bathroom working on my regular logs.
2. Been growing a mustache.
1. Just too damn lazy.

Best music I heard in 2008 in no particular order

Fleet Foxes, U2's remastered versions of "Boy," "October" and "War," I'm still waffling on Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" -- it just wasn't that great. TV On The Radio's "Dear Science" and Spoon's Daytrotter Sessions (I can count that, right?.

Best TV I watched in 2008

1. 30 Rock
2. Life
3. Psych
4. Flight of the Concords
5. Battlestar Galactica
6. Nova & Frontline

Shows I used to watch that I'm completely sick of and/or most popular baby names in 2008

1. Jacob
2. Heroes
3. The Office
4. Madison
5. Kath and Kim

TV shows I can't believe are still on TV in 2008 and/or most common human rights violations

1. According to Jim
2. Waterboarding
3. Everything on CBS -- I mean, who out there is watching NCIS?
4. My Name is Earl
5. The Bachelor
6. Child marriage
7. 24

Best movies I saw in 2008 in no particular order (I've hardly seen everything I want to)

Dark Knight, Be Kind Rewind, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Speed Racer, Iron Man, Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Ghost Town, Hellboy II

And that's all I got. Here's to posting a little more often in 2009.


ThomG said...

Why, I thought, "TheRobRogers" has updated his blog; too good to be true?"


Glad you're back.

Stephanie B said...

Rob, its so nice to see you back. Aren't you excited, Psych starts up on the 9th? I can hardly contain myself. I really liked Ghost Town, we thought it was pretty whitty.

Shed said...

The wait has been well worth it. You're back with a vengeance. That is funny crap.

Happy New Year.

Scott's Blog said...

"working on my regular logs" LOL

I think I might have to copy and paste to my blog for my excuses for not blogging. They were a lot more creative than anything I could come up with.

It's a make-or-break year for 24 this year. I watched the pre-movie and it didn't light my fire. And then they showed a preview that gave away some major plot points. I was a little fired up.

It's good to have you back.

Gunderliscious said...

Hooray!! Mr. Rogers is back. Those are some good lists. I too chuckled at your "regular logs" comment.

And I hear ya on Heroes -- major suckitude. I thought Earl was good for one season, but stopped watching when they took Randy's character from lovably dumb to almost literally retarded.

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