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Friday, August 20, 2004

Becky and I took Claire to meet her preschool teacher today. The teacher was kind of old. But that's beside the point. It was kind of a surreal experience. I guess like everyone else who takes thier oldest kid to their first whatever, I don't feel old enough to be doing it. Yet at the same time, it felt kind of natural. So explain that.

Claire was in her element. She hopped from station to station, playing with markers and play dough and dolls and kitchen toys. She'll start class on Monday. Then she'll actually be with kids her age and that's when the spam will hit the fan. She likes to boss her friends around. In fact, she keeps telling this poor kid Jason that he will marry her when they grow up. But Jason is already sworn to one of Claire's friends who moved to Seattle last spring. They fight about it every time they see each other. Jason will, however, still hold Claire's hand. So he gets points for that.

Parenthood, while still one of the most statisfying and gratifying things I've ever done, is one of the wierdest experiences I've ever had. And I lived in Mexico for two years.

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Urpy said...

We're doing it for my sanity. How sad is that?

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