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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Edicion familiar

Here's the update; I've been meaning to do this since Saturday. The fathers/sons was a blast. Leigh, for the most part, did really well. The weather had us nervous. It was pouring in Redding and the further east we got the more constant the rain became. But Leigh and I decided we weren't made of surgar -- we could handle a little rain. The foritude paid off. About 20 miles from the campground the rain stopped and the skies cleared.

Anyway, we got there, set up our tent and Leigh immediately wanted to jump inside, get on her pajamas and crawl in her sleeping bag. It's about 7 at this point and we hadn't even eaten dinner. But, who am I to argue with a three-year-old? She got changed, got into her sleeping bag and after 5 minutes, decided that was good. We were up and out to dinner. She chowed on potato salad and then sat by the fire once it got dark and roasted a couple marshmallows. Fire and surgar. She was in heaven.

It wasn't nearly as cold at night as last year's campout and Leigh managed to sleep pretty much through the night. Except for one point at like 2 in the morning when she decided she wanted to crawl into my mummy bag. Yeah, it didn't work. We bundled her up and got her back to sleep without incident.

After breakfast we went and climbed this gigantic rubble pile of volcanic rock that's like 300 feet high. The whole way up it was, "Daddy? We climb mountain?" over and over. It was fun.

Comments about her being the only girl at an all-boys event were relatively few. One obnoxious 9-year-old, known in the ward for being the primary's most pious know-it-all (that maybe a little harsh, he's pretty funny most of the time and helped me put the rain fly on my tent) told me I probably shouldn't have taken Leigh and that we should charge girls to come to the fathers/son.

I asked him what are fathers who have no sons to do? He responded, "take a non-member." You can't argue with that. I told him once Leigh was too old to take, that's what I'd do -- if he promised to do it as well. I didn't get a definite reponse.

In other news, I've taken my brother-in-law Scott's advice and told the rest of the family about the Rob Report. So, welcome family. Sit back and enjoy my pointless, meandering writings.

And to you Luker, a special shout-out. Lucky bastard has a disease named after him.


Steph said...

I'm glad to read your blog. Thanks for the invite.

urpy said...

I can just imagine you asking some non-member to join you at the campout. "Hey, can I take your son alone with me camping this weekend?" That's going to go over well.

Scott's Blog said...

We need more on this nine-year old. It sounds like he's going on 30.

I look forward to the days of father and sons campouts. And if I had a bunch of daughters I would definately consider the Rob Rogers route.

Urpy said...

This kid is quite a piece of work. He's got the best intentions. He loves to sing and thinks he will someday join the Mo Tab. His mom is a bit delusional so she totally encourages this. Anyway, the poor kid can only shout off-key. I love visiting the primary on Sundays because all you hear is this kid shouting the lyrics to the songs. You can hear him over the entire primary. It's awesome.

D said...

I love those pics of Leigh. She looked like she was in heaven, I mean she was actually smiling! She's awesome!

Urpy said...

LOL, Diana! It's so fun to have you on Rob's blog. Too bad he hasn't been able to see your comments yet. He'll be home tomorrow!!!

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