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Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's all brand new

The time has come, as Peter Garrett once said. After two years and more than a thousand hits, I'm updating the look of The Rob Report. So I give you the generic blog template SnapShot Sable. If I were somekind of savy computer guy, I could maybe design my own page. As such, we'll make do riding on the coattails of Blogger.

It's late May. That means the annual Fathers/Sons Campout is coming. It's an interesting tradition, if you stop to think about it. To commerate the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood, fathers take thier sons and head for the hills. Describing it like that almost makes it sound fundamentalist. It's not really like that. Mostly, it's an excuse to go camping and hang out with your familiars. And if your ward is doing it right, the event will include a short, concise, campfire devotional on the Aaronic Priesthood.

Anyway, the Fathers/Sons is tomorrow. We'll be heading up to Hat Creek, which is a pretty nice area to go camping. I bring it up because I have no male offspring, just two beautiful, crazy daughters. Two years ago, when we first got to Redding and Claire was just 3, the ward was making a push to get all the priesthood holders to go, sons or no sons. I thouht it would be alright but thouhgt it wouldn't really be fair to leave Becky alone with two crazies for a weekend while I went off camping, so I took along Claire. And we had a blast.

Anyway, she's closing in on 6 now and these days really kinda sticks out as a girl at an all-boys-and-men event. But Leigh (there on the right), well, she's 3 now. I can take her. So yeah, I'll keep the family tradition alive and take a daughter to the Fathers/Sons. And it should be a good time. Leigh is hilarious. She's a total goofball 3-year-old and if you can placate her mean streak (and it is a serious mean streak), she's a lot fun to hang out with.


Urpy said...

And nothing, I mean NOTHING, will placate the girl like having her Daddy's undivided attention. She told me today at lunch that she is excited to go camping. We'll see how well Claire does when you guys pull away and she realizes that you really are having a special weekend without her. I'll do my best to make it fun here, but I don't think hanging out with the tired pregnant mommy is near as fun as camping with Daddy. I'll just buy her a new fingernail polish, paint up her toes and everything will be forgotten.

Scott's Blog said...

By the way, I think you should go public with the blog. I've read the last 6 months and there is some cool stuff in here.

Go back and delete anything that might be "harmful". I think half the fun is actually getting replies. It's kind of like the family website except it's all about you. That's what I like about blogs. They are so self serving.

Urpy said...

I don't know, Scotty. Rob needs an outlet for his feelings. And his feelings aren't always family friendly. You never know, he might have a blog dedicated to just his frustrations with dealing with a high-maintenance wife. Hmmm, I might need to do a little searching.

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