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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

T-shirts are cool

Let's have some fun. No more boring U2 posts or talk of politics. I'm a T-shirt guy. If I could, with the exception of my guayaberas, I'd wear T-shirts all the time. Of course the coolest are usually the most expansive or hardest to get a hold of. So, the following is a list of cool T-shirts that I'm sure I'd buy in bulk and pass out like Milk Duds if, like Tevya, I were a rich man. Keep checking back, I'll probably add to the list over the next few days.

First, my own ode to Jeopardy. Answer:

Question: Who's Alex Trebeck?
Next, a shirt that proudly proclaims "I understand the digestive system!":

Here, a statement of my undying affection for Shatner:

How about this one for proclaiming pure truth. Seventies sci-fi was all about the hexigons.

This is good for now. Post your faves in the comments, or, if you've got recommendations, pass those along, too.


Thom G. said...

I like where this guy is going:

TheRobRogers said...

That is just awesome.

Urpy said...

That is really funny!! I NEED a shirt like that.

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