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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back to the lab again

Long time, no see. But the next time someone asks you if Rob is lazy, you can proudly respond, "Yes. Yes he is."

But let's jump right into things. There's a fun little music website I check out from time to time. They posted a New York Post interview with some musicians, asking them to offer up perfectly good songs they once loved that had been ruined because of the circumstances under which they heard the song. The musicians' answers were boring. The stories related by readers in the comments section were hilarious. The best by far was this one:

"'The One Thing' by INXS... granted it's not the greatest song, but it WAS my favorite song (that wasn't by Prince) when I was 14.

"But that was all ruined a year or two later when I discovered a video tape of MY MOTHER STRIPPING TO THE SONG."

I can't top that. But it's great item for discussion. What great song has been ruined for you forever?

For me, it's a tragic tale. In an apartment across from ours, there's a group of guys, beefcakes we call them, that spend most waking hours working out in their garage. They literally all look like Kevin Federline on stereroids -- you know, hip-hop, urbanite wannabes. Anyway, they've always got their techno Eurotrash dance club music booming out the garage while the work out. Well, one day, a couple weeks ago, I came home from work and what song was blaring from their so-large-it-may-be-componsating-for-something-else soundsystem? Rev. Al's "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." I loved that song. It was Al Green at the top of his form. And now I hear it and think of a couple beefcakes working each other out in their garage.

I know you've got your own story. Feel free to share it here.

A couple more things to pass along. Bono confirmed on Sarajevo television that a new U2 album would come out in 2007. So look for the disc to be out sometime in late 2008.

And, saving the best for last, is a link to one of the driest, funniest, most satiric websites I've recently come across: Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke. If you're like me and hate, and I mean absolutely loath with every cell in your body, insipid, pointless, smaltzy, lazily written and stupidly concieved comics like "Marmaduke" (or "The Family Circus," "Rose Is Rose," "Dennis the Menace" and "For Better or For Worse" just to name a few examples) than this site is for you.

But just a quick warning, of the 50 or so "Marmadukes" explained, a couple have some salty language. Here's one of my favorites.

Anyway, life is good. Claire and Leigh started school this week and both seem to really enjoy it. I'll get some photos up with a couple good stories later on in the week. You know, to prove to you all that I'm a good father.


Urpy said...

That Marmaduke site is hillarious! I read a couple for fun. I can't think of a song that has been ruined for me. But I would argue that the beefcakes have practically ruined living in Redding for me. The girls like to go outside, stand on the curb across from their garage and watch them work out. I've walked past them several times this summer in my bathing suit on the way to the pool. I always wonder what they say once I'm out of ear shot.

Scott's Blog said...

I can't think of a song that has changed because of some bad experience that coincides with it.

However there are a lot of songs that remind me of different events in my life. Whenever I hear Skid Row "Youth Gone Wild" it reminds me of playing intramural basketball at Ricks College my freshman year. Mainly because I listened to that song on the ol' Walkman before each game. Good times, great song.

I think it's interesting how music can conjure up feelings and emotions from 15 years ago just by hearing the song. Powerful stuff.

Thom G. said...

I still like the dysfunctional Family Circus; Bill Keane killed it years ago, but it still lives - online. Stupid Family Circus cartoons (gosh, I really hate them) with totally new, very bad, captions.

candi said...

How about every single song Rod Stewart has sung on his classics albums plus all original Rod Stewart songs after you've listened to his classics albums. "Maggie" will never, ever, sound the same again.

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