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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Whatchamacallit for you!

Long time, no post.

Most of this is old news, but we'll go ahead and throw something up on the Rob Report. Becky delivered little Elsa Luana at 5:03 p.m. Friday. She was six weeks early and completely tied up in her umbilical cord. There was even a knot. Crazy. But Elsa is doing remarkably well, considering how she came into the world. The Lord really has been watching over us.

Becky is recovering. She comes home from the hospital this morning. After a crappy nurse giving her some crappy meds on an empty stomach (see "crappy nurse" comment) she crashed pretty hard and had a migrane for like two straight days. The headache lingers but she's feeling much better and will be coming home today. Elsa, of course, will be in ICU at the hospital for the next few weeks.

ETA -- Reader and all around cool guy Thom G pointed out that none of you get the Whatchamacallits. Way to go, guys. All you had to do was come up with "Elsa."


Urpy said...

Love the picture of the baby, don't love so much the picture of me. Every woman needs a good shower and little makeup.

So glad Elsa is here. The NICU nurses have been amazing! It's really strange to be home without my baby but I know I couldn't take care of her right now and that makes me so appreicative of those who are taking care of her. Go NICU!

steph said...

Great posting, Rob. Becky, I like the picture! I can't wait till I can hold this pretty little girl.

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