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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

El fin

For the past three days I've had that song, "Breakfast At Tiffany's" stuck in my head and I don't know why. I don't own the song, I don't even like it -- well, frankly, I hate it. And yet, there it is. Replaying over and over. I've listened to a lot of music over the last three days in the hope of forcing it out with something else and yet, when I'm sitting, staring into the ether and my mind begins to wander, I suddenly realize, I'm singing "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in my head. I'm getting close to where I'd be willing to put a bullet in my brain to stop it.

But instead, I'm going to try this: the final installment of Perfect Pop Songs Vol. 2. With the expanded readership, I'm expanding the winners. The first four people to post in the comments section gets a CD of all 14 songs featured in the Vol. 2 roundup, plus a bonus song thrown on for good measure. Here is the lineup as it now stands here currently. If you wanted a refresher, here's the final lineup from Vol. 1.

So with that, let's get to business:

The Pushstars' "Waiting, Watching, Wishing" -- One of my all-time favorites from the band, "Waiting" is a little darker, a little edgier than the Pushstars' usual fair and it's all the better for it. The understated anger that surges through song keeps it moving along a great clip so that it never it gets old. The chorus is instantly singable and, like most other Pushstars songs, the melody and arrangements are accessable without being predictible and overwrought. The band is famously from Boston so it's interesting to hear a song from them that trades in suburban angst, but it definitely works. Ultimately it's a song about getting out there and living your life. "On and on and on we go/We got no radio/We're singing songs we know/For miles and miles of open road/Get up, get up, let's go."

Spoon's "The Way We Get By" -- This is possibly Spoon's catchiest song. It's incredible. Like a lot of Spoon songs it tends to be a little bit social commentary, a little bit party romp. "We get high in back seats of cars/We break into mobile homes/We go to sleep to shake it off/Never wake up on our own/And that's the way we get by" juxstiposed with "We found a new kinda dance in a magazine/Try it out it's like nothing you've ever seen/You sweet talk like a cop and you know it/You bought a new bag a pot/So let's make a new start/And that's the way to my heart." And like most Spoon songs, musically, it comes at you from a direction you really don't expect, and you're surprised that it works so well. The lead guitar in the song has been replaced by piano but the bass and drums keep it coursing right along, pumping into your ears til you find yourself involuntarily tapping your feet and nodding your head. It's the perfect pop song if ever there was one.

So there it is. I'll post the whole list of 14 songs later today or tommorrow. You know, when I'm not feeling lazy. The die-hards may notice there's no U2 on this volume, which was more or less intentional. The bonus song, while not a U2 song, should please those fans nonetheless. I won't say anymore. I don't want to spoil the fun. So, what are you waiting for. I've only got four copies, so get commenting.


ThomG said...

I truly believe you have to put Peter Bjorn & John's "Young Folks" on this list. It's got whistling and bongo drums. Nordic Alternative Rock rocks, my friend.

steph said...

Yes, I'm #2. I can't wait for the CD, since I haven't heard of a lot of the songs you've mentioned. (this is where the little blushing icon would go)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, I'm #3 and I'm your sis and you promised to give me CD #1 and you never did. So this one better be on its way or.....else

D said...

Who's "anonymous"? I dont think she should get a cd because she didnt even post her NAME!!! Have you tried listening to Regina Spector and singing along? that usually cures me of any song stuck in my head too long, including Hello Dolly...however i then have to deal with Regina, which i find is more pleasant on the whole. Rob, you're totally in my iPod!!! can't wait for #2!!! Hip Hip Hooray

TheRobRogers said...

Indeed, which ever sister it was apparently forgot that I have three others. So, here's the judge's ruling. If we get a fifth comment before "Anonymous" gives her name, she will, unfortunately, not receive Vol. 2. Mostly because I wouldn't know where to send it.

HL Rogers said...

Whoo-hoo. Judges declare me the winner!!

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