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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nothing says "I love you" like the heart-shaped pizza

It's Valentine's Day, I guess. Anyway, Roundtable Pizza, the inexplicably popular local pizza chain here (seriously, Red Baron makes a better pizza) is advertising heart-shaped pizzas available today. So let me say, if you're buying your special lady a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's, then, well, let me say first, congratulations on having a special lady friend. You've clearly beaten the odds. But secondly, if you do get her a heart-shaped pizza, and you think that's OK, you may want to sit back and evaluate things.

In other news, having a family is surprisingly entertaining. Fun story this, Elsa spit-up in Becky's mouth a few nights ago. As you can imagine, it was pretty funny. She's a spit-uppy baby. Does it a lot. And Becky, ever the doting mother, spends a lot of her time showering the baby with kisses. Well, Sunday night I think it was, Becky was giving Elsa little kisses on her cheeks and chin when Elsa erupted a resonably-sized glob of half-digested breast milk. Right onto to Becky's mouth. I don't know how much actually got past her lips and into her mouth proper, but it was enough to shock and surprise her. And make me laugh.

In fact, it might be time for an update on little Elsa. You may recall her rocky start back in September when she was delivered six weeks early by emergency c-section. It was pretty intense. Well, last week she rolled over for the first time from her stomach to her back and can almost roll from her back to her stomach. In other words, she's hitting those delevopmental milestones and growing up like a healthy little baby. We're amazed. And constantly grateful she's doing so well. When you consider how touch-and-go it was that day at the hospital, it's just miraculous. Anyway, we'll some photos up later.


ThomG said...

baby puke is a gift from God, my friend. Just tell Becky to close her mouth next time; as I remember from nieces and nephews, baby puke is sweet and enticing - much better than some cheesy after-shave. Baby-puke-smell is one serious attractant - if Elsa would like to barf on me before a date (one can hope), I am all for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey you know... if Elsa doesn't come through for you on that, swing by and we'll see what Charlie can do.

Brent E said...

There used to be a baby-puke smelling aftershave popular in southeastern Idaho at a college formerly known as Ricks called "Elsha." Maybe you could recapture the former glory days of personal hygiene with a new old remake called "Elsa." Perhaps AMWAY could triple market it as aftershave/toothpaste/driveway cleaner.

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