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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Decider

I've never been very good at decision-making. I can walk into 7-Eleven and spend an hour trying to pick out a pack of candy. Becky will ask what I want for dinner and I go straight to the hoary old chestnut, "I dunno. What do you want?"

Sometimes, it's a great way to shirk responsibility. I've never been real comfortable with responsibility. And sometimes it bites you in the behind.

About a month ago, after Wilco had announced tour dates, Becky and I were trying to decide if we wanted to go see them. It's a big decision. The nearest show is in Berkeley -- about a three-hour drive from where were at. That means we'd need to figure out what to do with the girls, decide how much we were going to spend, plan the trip -- all this stuff you have to do when you live far from family and have an actual life you're repsonsible for.

Anyway, to budget the trip, Becky suggested the trip and the concert be my birthday present. So I was left to decide: is that how I wanted to use my brithday money? I couldn't decide. There were a few things I wanted to do with the money and I knew doing the Wilco show would be unforgetable but fleeting at the same time. It would be a gift I'd experience rather than keep.

Finally, last week I decided. I thought about how I was getting older, how it had been over three years -- THREE YEARS! -- since I'd been to my last real concert (no offense, Jim) and that if I had the chance to go see Wilco I shouldn't be giving it a second thought. So I told Becky I had decided that we should do the show.

She has an aunt and uncle in Concord, just a hop, skip and jump from Berkeley. We decided we'd leave the kids there, go to the show, stay the night and visit the Oakland Temple in the morning. It was such a convient plan, Becky thought it would fun to invite friends Erick and Jaylynn, aquaintences who were also pretty big Wilco fans. They were game, too.

That's when my weeks of indecision paid off. Erick called a couple days later saying he'd gone to Wilco's Web site to check out tickets only to learn that the Berkeley show had sold out.

The show had sold out.

You have to understand, as good a band as Wilco is, their shows rarely sell out. In fact it usually happens in the Midwest where they have a huge following. I took my time hemming and hawing because I figured I had the time to hem and haw. And, of course, I was wrong.

So we're left with precious few options. There's ebay of course, where tickets are selling for about double the original price. The next closest show is either Seattle or Santa Barbara. The Seattle show could work -- both Becky and I have family there -- but that would mean making the concert a full on family vacation. Neither of us really want to to do that. Then there's always the hope that they'll add a show somewhere in between. Both Berkeley and Portland sold out, so I suppose it's a faint possibility.

But the point is don't wait. Just make a decision and get on with your life.


V. Daniel said...

Ya! Don't wait. If it feels right, or looks good or you love the color, do it, buy it or walk away with no regrets.

Scott's Blog said...

Hey, you sound like Becky D. We go to McDonalds and she spends 15 minutes looking at the menu.

I have to remind her, "Becky, this is the same menu as every other McDonalds restaurant in the country."

Amber Carter said...

Hi, this is Becky's cousin Amber. I think I've said probably no more than 5 words to you ever, but I came accross your blog since Scott posted his to the Darrington website and he had a link to yours. I wasn't sure if you have heard of but you can find tickets to the concert you are talking about there: I would be happy to watch your kids if Aunt Jeanie can't. We are almost done remodeling the backyard so they would have a lot of fun out there. Also, if you check out my blog I have finetune player on it. I think that is what a MP3 player is? There is a link to create your own.

Candi said...

We have procrastination down at our house. Every last one of us has been bitten by that dog. I've thought of putting a poster up that says Procrastination is Anathema. But it's not quite as catchy a phrase as I'd like. It's the truth though. Sorry about your concert, and I hope you find tickets on Craigslist

diana said...

Amber, you're cool! That would be cool if it actually worked out.

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