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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weight, weight, don't tell me

I still can't figure out a way to just put mp3s on the Rob Report so until I do let's talk about my weight.

You may recall last year when my weight hit the magical number 200. Yes, I was celebratory, but then the scale kept inching up. In fact, by the begining of 2007 I was already at 210. You have to remember, I'm a skinny white boy who came home from his mission weighing a skant 165. I was up to 175 by the time I got married two and a half year later. But even then, watching some of the wedding videos, I looked like Skeletor in a couple shots -- my face all bony and hallowed out.

And, almost nine years later, I've managed to put on an additional 35 lbs., wonderfully illustrated by that picture on the left. If you look closely (you can actually click on the photo to make it bigger, though, I don't know why you'd want to), you can see the beginnings of my double chin and my round, rosy, cherubic cheeks. And to be honest I don't think my weight gain is that bad. I mean, that's roughly three and a half pounds a year. My problem is that my weight is still on the increase. I figure, if I don't want to end up morbidly obese or even just a sweaty mouth-breather after climbing the stairs, I better staunch my free flow of girth.

Which is why one of my summer predictions was that I'd drop 10 lbs. by Labor Day. I don't want to be back at 175 and I certainly don't plan on giving up white bread and milk shakes and chocolate-chip cookies and Skittles and Hershey's miniatures because who wants to be healthy enough to live to 100 if you're miserable the entire time. That would be like having extra years added onto a prison sentence.

No, all I wanted to do was put more moderation in my diet, be able to wear the great leather belt I bought coming home from my mission (which I was still able to fit until the beginning of this year) and not huff and puff walking from my bedroom to the kitchen.

So I've cut out all snacking mid-meals. The only times I'm eating during the day is when I sit down to breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've cut out all ancillary sugar consumption, which means I'm no longer consuming pounds of candy at my desk all day and a bag of cookies in front of the TV at night. I'm not exagerating about that. And I've stop drinking soda. I'm also taking it easy on my white bread consumption.

Will this be permanent? Of course not, silly reader. Once I get down to a comfortable weight, I'll eat my unhealthy snacks again. But the goal, of course, is to not eat so much this time. I'm hoping I can learn a little self-discipline while I get my weight down and then exercise that self-discipline once I get my weight down to keep it from ballooning back up. I don't care if I gain a few pounds here and there, I just want to stop myself from subsisting solely on a diet of sugar. Which I love and will not speak ill of.

Some may find folly in my plan. I'm certainly not as militant about this as others who undertake similar challenges. And that lack of regimented commitment could ultimately be my undoing. I'm not so sure. Simply because I'm not trying to drop 50 lbs. or something. But mostly because it's more important to me to be happy than than to weigh a specific amount.

I may change my tune, though, when I weigh in next year at 220 and the doctor tells me I have heart disease.

But until that time, we'll see how my plan works. Because I'm only three days into it, it seems hardly worth mentioning, but I've been able to stick to my plan so far. I haven't had any candy since Sunday, any soda since Saturday and except for some cheese and whole wheat (ugh) crackers last night, I've only eaten at my three daily meals.

Now the sticky part. Becky's been trying to get me to do all this for a while. And she's been reasonably successful. I've gone off pop a few times and curbed my cookie consumption for a while last year. But this renewed effort came about after a friend, Bryan Hamblin, challenged a few of us to do it. I joined in 'cause I'd already predicted I'd lose the weight and plus it's nice to have that extra motivation. Whether or not I'll actually do it, well, that's a whole other thing.


urpy said...

Well, you've got me rooting for you.

But in your defense, I like you "filled-out." You look good with bum cheeks. I'm just worried you're going to up and die on me someday after stuffing that umpteenth Oreo in your mouth. I'd kind of like to keep you around.

And for the rest of you readers, you won't believe how many times, even recently, Rob has been asked what he does to work out because he looks so "fit and trim." He wears it well.

Scott's Blog said...

Good luck Rob. I've made myself the same promises numerous times. Hopefully you have more will power than I.

Self-mastery over what types of foods you shove in your mouth is a tough thing. I admire those that can control. Except most of them seem miserable.

d said...

I must brag about Spencer! he has lost 30 lbs. (and hopefully counting). While this is great I do not recommend the method. Simply put its called "Starve while you're at the office so you can get your 10 hours and come home sooner diet". But it is working just fine for now. Rob, I'm proud of you and I'm going to root for you too.

Anonymous said...

this is spence d.

So I'm just curious if "crow" will be part of this new diet. ;-)

I do Body For Life for the reason that i get a cheat day each week which keeps me entirely sane. I love junkfood, bottom line, but i don't like huffing and puffing when i'm out on the court or something.

TheRobRogers said...

"Crow" will not be part of the diet, Spencer. I'm sorry. :)

d said...

but perhaps pigeon?

urpy said...

You're a funny girl, Diana!

Stephanie B said...

My favortie part of this entry was that you looked like skeletor at your wedding. I laughed for a good few minutes on that one.

Good luck to you! I hope it gives you all your desired results. So are you happy I didn't mention Weight Watchers? Doh!

TheRobRogers said...

I'm just waiting for the moment, Steph, when you will stand up and clap for me and my accomplishments.

KAT said...

good luck

Kim said...

I'll clap for you anytime, Rob. You just call me up and I will clap like I've never clapped before.

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