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Monday, August 20, 2007

What, pray tell, are knickers?

Lot's of pop culture talk lately, not a lot about the family. So, not unlike the real estate market of late, we're going to do a little correcting here on the Rob Report and fill you in on the latest family affairs.

The girls started school today. Everyone is excited. I can't believe Claire's in second grade. I remember second-grade. It wasn't that long ago.

In extended family news, my mom went into the hospital this morning for an operation on her ankle. It's a long, sordid tale that began nearly 10 years ago when she slipped on the garage floor of the mission home in Kansas City and broke said ankle. It's been problematic since and today she gets it fused. We're all kind of bummed for her and wishing her a speedy recovering.

Leigh, as you may recall, is hilarious. Still a doubting Thomas? Here's further proof. Every so often, while driving the girls around town, Becky will make a turn or come to a stop and shout the refrain, "Hold on to your knickers!"

Not exactly a Gene Genie-ism, but it gets the message out. I think, and Becky can correct me if I'm wrong, that the saying can be traced back to Marcus and his handling of the Grand Marq on the snowy, frozen roads of Gillette, Wy. while in high school.

So a couple weeks ago Becky was driving Leigh and her little friend Abbie across town, both strapped tight in their boosters seats. I'm not sure what manuever Becky was pulling, but, as is her wont, at one point in the drive she turns around and says to the girls, "Hold on to you knickers!"

Well, Abbie turned to Leigh and asked "What are your knickers?" And Leigh, ever the thoughtful one, simply responds, "They're these silver things on the booster seat." She then helpfully points to a couple of plastic, silver tabs on the arms of the booster seat. And then holds on to them as best she can, encouraging Abbie to do the same.

Update: Mom's out of surgery and is doing well. Apparently, the operation itself lasted about twice as long as they had anticipated -- Mom's ankle was pretty messed up. But the doctor said he was able to fix things up rather well, that the operation was a roaring success. Let's hope.


urpy said...

It never occurred to me that they might not understand what their "knickers" are. And the quote actually comes from "Spice World." Marcus and his roommates watched it when we were all in college, and Marcus has quoted the line ever since. It's kind of catchy.

My favorite Leigh story happened recently while Jaylynn was taking care of her. Leigh has a little crush on Jaylynn's son, Tyler, who is Claire's age. Jaylynn informed me the other day that Leigh has been trying to kiss Tyler. I was a little shocked. She's not really that kind of little girl, but I guess she makes an exception for Tyler. Anyway, the story takes place in Jaylynn's van while she was driving the kids to the park. Jaylynn wasn't paying much attention to their conversation until she heard Leigh say to Tyler, "...I'll give you a hint. It's something you do when you're married." Yikes!!

d said...

LOL! What a little flirt! I suppose we know who's daughter she is! Leigh stories always crack me up. Just keep 'em coming.

Scott's Blog said...

Even funnier when you know the British translation of knickers.

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