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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer Teeth

Hey, guess who got tickets to Wilco's sold-out Berkeley show? We did. Hooray for us.

You may remember my recent lament of my inability to make decisions. Well, unfortunately it appears that unhealthy character trait has been rewarded. We scored tickets to the show through ebay yesterday.

It's funny because we'd kind of given up on going. There's a big YM/YW activity that weekend and as hard-to-find tickets got more expensive it didn't seem like it was worth it. Most of the ticket prices on ebay were really inflated and there wasn't much up for grabs on craigslist.

But on a whim, Becky decided to check out what was on ebay a couple nights ago and sure enough there were a pair of tickets going for pretty close to face value. So we bid and 12 hours later we won.

Now, we just have to get a hold of Becky's aunt and uncle in the Bay area so we have a place to stay the night and leave the kids for a few hours during the show. So far, they've been incommunicado. So Amber, we may come calling.


moonsover said...

Congrats, Rob (and good job, Becky). It warms my heart to read you got tickets. All is right with the world again.

Amber Carter said...

I'm glad you found tickets for Wilco! Everyone deserves a night out every once in a while.
Sadie would be so excited to have your girls to play with! The playset comes in next Thursday so it will be just in time...

Diana said...

You will have to write up a review of the concert Rob. Looking forward to it!!!

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