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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summer's all over

Well, Labor Day was yesterday and while, yes, the end of summer is still technically three weeks away, Poindexter, we all know the first Monday of September is the real end of summer.

And with it, the culmination of Rob Predicts the Future! The first thing we learned was that maybe it wasn't as fun as we initially thought. The second thing we learned was that I'm not very good at predicting the future.

In conclusion, here are the results:

1. Gas prices did not hit $4.50 a gallon this summer. Which is a good thing. The closest they got was around $3.15.

2. "Pirates" is No.2 -- right behind "Spider-man 3" as the summer's biggest blockbuster. It has indeed been labeled a shiny cinematic turd that cost waaaaay too much money.

3. "Transformers" was surprisingly good and vaguely bad -- in that over-wrought Michael Bay kind of way. I loved the "Bourne Ultimatum" -- it was awesome and I never got around to seeing the "Simpsons."

4. I did not lose 10 pounds this summer. However, I did lose seven. Not bad for the first time I've consciously tried to lose weight. I'm still proudly and contentedly eating junk food, just not in the same quantities. Which could explain why I didn't lose 10 pounds.

5. And, of course, Erick and I never formed our band. That being said, he still plays the trumpet, I still play the guitar and friend Mike Williams is a closeted violin player. Chances are still good that we form a band. We could be Arcade Fire with one-tenth the members and none of the talent. We'd be awesome.

I don't want to leave you empty-handed so I'll quickly make fun of Zac Efron. Seems the least I can do since my six-year-old has recently been exposed to and now become obsessed with "High School Musical." If only she had watched "Them!!"

Anyway, this was pointed out by a co-worker. It seems when the "High School Musical" gravy train has passed Zac by, he can market himself as a cheaper, low-rent Jodie Foster for the next film she passes on. Of course, he's going to have to work on those arms:


urpy said...

Just as long as the role doesn't call for singing. I think Jodie sings lower than Zac.

Well, at least we know you shouldn't quit your day job for your dream of becoming a fortune teller.

d said...

Those pics side by side are disturbing. Thanks for that mental image that may never go away. When you come and visit us we can take Claire on a little tour of the place they filmed "high School Musical". It happens to be Spencer's alma mater. He believes it is sacrilege to sing and dance on the basketball court. He is disgusted with the whole show.

amy said...

i didn't think it was possible, but you're right - there IS something worse than watching THEM!

and "shiny cinematic turd"? now THAT'S why you get paid the big bucks. it's not just anyone who can create a descriptor like that.

Stephanie B said...

I'm really glad your gas prediction didn't come true. Great job on the 7 lbs. I'm so proud of you I could cry!

Amber Carter said...

Just for the record... gas prices were JUST under 4.50 at Lake Shasta on Labor day weekend... yikes!

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